Filing Cabinets

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  1. Bisley - Multi Drawer Filing Cabinets
  2. Bisley Metal Filing Cabinets
  3. Bisley Executive Filing Cabinets
  4. Fast Track Heavy Duty Filing Cabinet
  5. Essentials Filing Cabinets
  6. Essentials Desk High Side Filing Cabinet
  7. Prestige Filing Cabinets
  8. Lorento Deluxe Executive Filing Cabinets
  9. Innovate Deluxe 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
  10. Archivo Fire 25" File Cabinet - 2 Draw
  11. Archivo Fire 25" File Cabinet - 4 Draw
  12. World Class Vertical Fire File 25" - 2 draw
  13. World Class Vertical Fire File 31" - 2 draw
  14. World Class Vertical Fire File 31" - 4 draw
  15. World Class Lateral 2 Draw Fire File
  16. World Class Lateral 4 Draw Fire File

16 products found

Filing Cabinets are getting less use in recent years due to the new paperless office. However this doesn't mean that we don't have lots of odd documents lying around that still need to be kept and stored. We offer all sizes and types of Filing Cabinets to fit in with a modern streamlined office. Our range of Filing Cabinets includes offerings from the UKs leading office furniture brands so that you can be sure that you are getting value for money and top quality.

We have a Filing Cabinet finish to match any office aesthetic including Wood and Metal, additionally with a fantastic choice of colours available. We understand that more than anything the most important feature of an Office Filing Cabinet is how safe your documents are inside, that's why one of our most popular products is the Archivo Fire File Cabinet, which includes complete fire protection, water resistance and has been through vigorous testing to ensure the safety of your paperwork.

If you need lots of space or just a little, our vast array of size options will ensure that you can get the perfect Filing Cabinet for the job. We have Filing Cabinets that can be joined, stacked or put together in a unique arrangement ensuring your office is kept exactly as you like it.

Need further information about any of our Filing Cabinet options? We offer all of the finer details within each product description but if you require any further help then please contact our friendly Essex Group sales team on 0845 6460 774 or drop us an email where we are always happy to have a chat!