Notice Boards

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  1. ColourPlus Frameless Felt Noticeboard
  2. Shield Wood Effect Exterior Showcases
  3. Shield Exterior Showcase - Aluminium Frame
  4. Shield Wood Effect Eco-Colour Corridor Tamperproof Boards
  5. Shield Wood Effect Eco-Colour Tamperproof Boards
  6. Shield Design Wood Effect Tamperproof Noticeboards
  7. Shield Wood Effect Eco-Colour Boards
  8. Shield Design Wood Effect Noticeboards
  9. Eco-Colour Corridor Resist-a-Flame Tamperproof Boards
  10. Eco-Colour Tamperproof Resist-a-Flame Boards
  11. Eco-Colour Aluminium Framed Resist-a-Flame Boards
  12. Eco-Colour Frameless Resist-a-Flame Boards
  13. Shield Design Noticeboard - Black Frame
  14. Shield Design Noticeboard - Aluminium Frame
  15. Pinnable Foyer Noticeboard
  16. Height Adjustable Mobile Noticeboard
  17. Combi Mobile Noticeboard
  18. Wood Mobile Noticeboard/Divider
  19. Metroplan Double Sided Mobile Noticeboard
  20. Shield Design Tamperproof Noticeboard Aluminium Frame
  21. Metroplan Aluminium Framed Noticeboard
  22. Metroplan Themeboard Tamperproof Noticeboard
  23. ColourPlus Felt Tamperproof Noticeboard
  24. Metroplan Tamperproof Noticeboard

36 products found

Noticeboards are a fantastic way for children of any age to see their work displayed around the school, for Teachers to give out messages and to generally create a themed and cheery display relevant to lessons and school mottos.

Here at The Essex Group we provide plenty of options when it comes to Display and Presentation. Our Noticeboards come in a variety of styles and with different features so that you can choose one that's up to the task for you.

We have Noticeboards that attach to the wall, Noticeboards on wheels, or double sided. Another important aspect to consider when buying a Noticeboard is how much damage the Noticeboard can withstand, we have products that are flame resistant and tamper proof to keep your displays out of harm’s way.

Our frame styles come in plenty of varieties for our Noticeboards including frame less, aluminium, and wooden. We also have a large array of colours.

We offer a free Space Planning service for anyone looking to get a project completed, and have amazing testimonials showcasing our work creating stunning Classroom spaces. Our design team are here to help and you can contact us using the details below.

Don't have the time to browse through all of the Noticeboards in our range but still want to find that perfect match? Why not leave it up to the experts and contact us on 0845 6460 774 to let our team help you choose the products for you or just email your requirements to where you will get a response from one of our friendly Essex Group Team.