Bistro Tables and Chairs

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  1. Fan Back Folding Chairs
    Fan Back Folding Chairs
    From £12.54 Save £0 | Was £12.60
  2. Lantana Chair
    Lantana Chair
    From £82.00
  3. Ammi Chair
    Ammi Chair
    From £82.00
  4. Pop Chair
    Pop Chair
    From £31.25
  5. Icon Side Chair
    Icon Side Chair
    From £31.99
  6. Peak Arm Chair
    Peak Arm Chair
    From £45.00
  7. Spice Side Chair
    Spice Side Chair
    From £45.00
  8. Mint Side Chair
    Mint Side Chair
    From £47.00
  9. Mint Arm Chair
    Mint Arm Chair
    From £54.00
  10. Mila Armchair
    Mila Armchair
    From £59.95
  11. Time Side Chair
    Time Side Chair
    From £58.95
  12. Spring Arm Chair
    Spring Arm Chair
    From £60.99
  13. Spring Side Chair
    Spring Side Chair
    From £58.00
  14. Real Arm & Side Chair
  15. Sun Arm & Side Chair
  16. Marlow Side and Armchair
  17. Likewood Side Chair
  18. Joseph Church Side Chair
  19. Sky Armchair
    Sky Armchair
    From £69.95
  20. Time Armchair
    Time Armchair
    From £61.99
  21. Rock Side Chair
    Rock Side Chair
    From £60.99
  22. Mira Cafe Bistro Chair
  23. Millie Side Chair
    Millie Side Chair
    From £79.00
  24. Lotus Task Chair
    Lotus Task Chair
    From £76.95

73 products found

Bistro Tables and Chairs are extremely popular in a multitude of spaces for lots of different reasons. When looking through our selection you will truly get a taste of how many options you have and the variety of spaces this furniture will fit.

We offer Bistro Tables and Chairs for every budget, there's really no excuse to not find exactly the piece you are looking for. We have products from the leading UK brands, including Lotus, Ashby and Flux.

Depending on the environment you find yourself fitting out, you will have different features for your selection of Bistro Tables and Chairs that are important to you. We have Linking Clips, large colour selections, wipeable Polypropylene for easy clean, or alternatively we have options that fold flat or are stackable.

Be sure to check each product description for further information on each of our products and choose the Bistro Table and Chairs that are right for you. If you need any help deciding on the best option then please get in touch, our team are always happy to help! Please contact our Essex Group sales team on 0845 6460 774 or drop us an email

We offer a free Space Planning service for anyone looking to get a project completed, and have amazing testimonials showcasing our work creating stunning canteen spaces. Our design team are here to help and you can contact us using the details above.