Flip Chart Easels

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  1. Ultramate Flipchart Easel
  2. Enamel Permanent Music Ruled Boards
  3. Mobile Magnetic Display Easel
  4. Telescopic Easel & Writing Boards
  5. Flipchart Pads
    Flipchart Pads
    From £104.00
  6. Cygnet Flipchart Easel
  7. Hawk Flipchart Easel
  8. Junior Mobile Writing Boards
  9. Buzzard Mobile Flipchart Easel
  10. Combi Mobile Noticeboard
  11. WriteOn Glass Flipchart Easel
  12. Conference Pro Flip Chart Easel

12 products found

Flip Chart Easels are a fantastic way to present, brainstorm or teach in a convenient and comfortable way. Flip Chart Easels come complete with a pen tray, spring loaded A1 paper clip and a whiteboard behind.

The great thing about Flip Chart Easels, is they are fully adjustable, easily moved around and set up in different locations and can be used for a multitude of tasks.

Like with many of our products here at The Essex Group, we offer a large selection of styles and levels of functionality. One of our most popular Flip Chart Easel options is our glass variety, with its appealing style and unique look it’s a wonderful way to make your Office or Classroom stand out.

We offer a free Space Planning service for anyone looking to get a project completed, and have amazing testimonials showcasing our work creating stunning Classroom Spaces. Our design team are here to help and you can contact us using the details below.

Don't have the time to browse through all of the Flip Chart Easels in our range but still want to find that perfect match? Why not leave it up to the experts and contact us on 0845 6460 774 to let our team help you choose the products for you or just email your requirements to where you will get a response from one of our friendly Essex Group Team.