Exam Desk Packages

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  1. Package 6 (40 Exam Desks & 40 Flat Back Chairs)
    Package 6 (40 Exam Desks & 40 Flat Back Chairs)
    Excl VAT From £1,702.00
    Inc VAT From £2,042.40
  2. Package 5  (40x Exam Desks & 1x Trolley)
    Package 5 (40x Exam Desks & 1x Trolley)
    Excl VAT From £1,276.00
    Inc VAT From £1,531.20

2 products found

Here at the Essex Group, we want to make buying your School Furniture as easy as possible. Exams are important to get prepped for early to ensure that you are kitted out with all the essentials for a busy time of year.

Our Exam Desk Packages are perfect to buy early for an easy life when the time comes. We offer Free Shipping on all our Exam Desk Packages and each selection comes with different types of products depending on what you most need.

We offer packages of Exam Desks and an Exam trolley, Exam desks and Flat Back Chairs, Exam Desks, Exam Trolleys along with the Chairs. The choice is really yours to find the perfect package which caters for your school requirements.

Our Exam Tables are solid, counterbalanced with an MDF top finished with Beech Laminate, feature solid support clips meaning they won't break and include rounded polished corners.

Our Exam Chairs are folding for easy storage and feature a clever contoured design for wiggle free seating.

Need further information about any of our Exam Desk Package options? We offer all of the finer details within each product description but if you require any help then please contact our friendly Essex Group sales team on 0845 6460 774 or drop us an email where we are always pleased to have a chat!