Wooden Vs Polypropylene Chairs

Many schools all over the country have a huge range of both wooden and polypropylene chairs in place for their students.

Wooden Vs Polypropylene Chairs

Many schools all over the country have a huge range of both wooden and polypropylene chairs in place for their students. However, many of us are still unsure as to what material of chair is really best. There are multiple factors to all school chairs that should be considered when purchasing, which will help you to discover whether plastic or wooden is best for you and your school.

  • Durability

It’s a well-known fact that chairs need to be durable. They are being used at all hours throughout the day by a number of different people, so it’s important they are able to cope with a variety of weights as well as handling being able to be moved around often. Wood comes out top in terms of durability, as it is able to handle knocks with very little to no damage. Wood is a much stronger component and tends to be a lot thicker then plastic. Polypropylene, however, is also a durable substance, and whilst it can handle a range of different weights, wood can handle more. If put under too much pressure or strain, plastic can snap very easily.

  • Expense

When buying chairs in bulk for classrooms or assembly halls, it’s important to take into consideration the cost of each individual chair. Polypropylene chairs are cheaper to create and therefore buy, as it is much lighter and less materials are required to make it, thus meaning it is easier to mass produce. Although wood is the more expensive out of the two, it is longer lasting and can last years with the proper maintenance. As discussed, wood being the stronger material of the two also explains why it would be more expensive.

  • Maintenance

Ensuring you look after your chairs in the correct way, whether they are polypropylene or wood, means they will have a longer lifespan. Looking after polypropylene chairs is the easier out of the two, as though they necessitate some maintenance, such as a regular polish to maintain cleanliness, wood requires dusting, polishing and oils in order to keep nice. Wood can also be attacked by moths and termites, which is something to think about if chairs are being stored away for long periods of time.

  • Weight

When deciding what material of chairs to purchase, it’s extremely important to take into account how heavy they might be. The chairs you opt for need to be light enough to move from room to room, but heavy enough to withstand a variety of weights. Wood is much heavier then plastic as it is stronger, however this can mean multiple people are needed to carry one chair. Polypropylene is a light and manoeuvrable material, making it easy for one person to transfer from room to room if needed.

  • Eco-Friendliness

If you are someone who would like to look after the environment we live in, being eco-friendly is a factor you should consider in order to help you to decide on the ultimate school chair. Wooden chairs require the cutting down of trees in order to make them, which is damaging to nature. However, when polypropylene chairs are being made, it emits chemicals which can pollute the air. This makes both materials on par with one another in this category, however polypropylene chairs are able to be recycled.

  • Weather Resistant

With the weather changing regularly, from sun to rain to snow, it’s important you look into how your chairs will withstand this, especially if they will ever be outside. Wooden chairs can rot and weaken in different weather conditions, particularly if they are not protected from oils or products. However, polypropylene chairs can be used outside in multiple weather conditions, as they do not damage easily or weaken.

If you’d like more information on what chairs are suited to you and your school, we’d be happy to help. You can get in touch with a member of our friendly team via our Contact page or by giving us a call on 0845 1700 222. If you’d like to see what educational chairs and furniture we have in stock, you can do so here. 

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