Top 10 Ways to Decorate the Classroom for Christmas

With Christmas getting increasingly closer, children everywhere are getting more and more excited by the day. Now is the perfect time to get classrooms decorated, so we’ve put together our top 10 ways to decorate your classroom in the most exciting, unique and fun ways possible.

Top 10 Ways to Decorate the Classroom for Christmas
  • The Door of Christmas Magic

The first thing children see when they walk into their classrooms is the door. Why not add some Christmas magic to it instead of keeping it plain and boring? Transform it into a snowman or Christmas tree. You can be as creative as you want with this, so be bright and be festive. Teaching children can be a stressful time, so de-stress the experience by adding some creative and colourful fun this festive period. It doesn’t have to be an expensive task either, all you need is some coloured paper and Blu-Tack!

  • Dress Up Windows

By simply cutting out a few snowflakes and adding them to windows completely reimagines a classroom and brings it into the festive spirit. Why not stick children’s’ drawings up onto the windows with the snowflakes, keeping them Christmas related for the holidays? Fake snow is a great way of adding some indoor chill to the windows during the festive seasons, not to mention very cheap! You’ll be keeping the children entertained as well as creating a nice display other classrooms are sure to envy.

  • Christmas Tree

Every classroom needs a Christmas tree, and though it doesn’t have to be a full sized one, it can really bring a sense of festive spirit and excitement to any room. Get the children to decorate it one afternoon or break time- you’re sure to have a number of excited, little volunteers! You could even keep little treats under the tree and reward them to children who have done good work or behaved well- a great way to keep them well behaved!

  • Lighting

Christmas is all about the lights, especially as the evenings get darker so much quicker! Lights can bring a sense of warmth, cosiness and excitement to any room, wherever they’re placed! We’d advise hanging them around your white board, helping to draw children’s attention when you are teaching. Add some lights around windows or work on walls to really brighten up the classroom and draw attention to these areas for whoever visits!

  • Miniature Festive Desks

You can really push the festive boat out by purchasing miniature Christmas trees or snowmen and placing them on each child’s desk. This is a great way of getting the children involved and giving them a vice to stay seated at their desks within in a fun, relaxed environment. Anything small and festive will go a long way with children, especially when it’s so fun and inviting!

  • Wrapping

If you’ve found you have a lot of wrapping paper to spare, why not bring it into school and wrap it over your cupboards and filing cabinets for a more Christmas feel. Ask the children if they have any spare wrapping paper to bring in so they can feel more involved and like part of the team. Your classroom will instantly transform into a fun and exciting grotto which the children are bound to love.

  • Wreaths

Not everyone has spare paper after wrapping Christmas presents, but there are other ways to decorate old cupboards and filing cabinets. All classrooms are filled with old, tattered pens and pencils that are no longer used. Get these together a long with some PVA glue or cello tape, and stick them all together in an ‘O’ shape for the perfect classroom wreath. You can make the wreath out of anything, and the children the classroom spin as well as getting involved.

  • Tinsel

The oldest trick in the book, tinsel is a great way of adding festive cheer to any room, desk, window or cupboard. Add it literally anywhere to bring some new and exciting colour and fun to the classroom. Bring out your creative side by drawing a giant Father Christmas and using the tinsel to add to his hat and suit. You can even ask the children to make things using any leftover tinsel or add it to handmade Christmas cards.

  • Christmas hats

Keep an afternoon free and ask the children to get involved and make their own Christmas hats. This will keep them occupied for a whole afternoon, and will really get them into the spirits of Christmas. They can even wear their hats on the countdown to Christmas! Having their own handmade hats waiting for them each morning can really bring some excitement into the early mornings as well as adding something unique to their uniforms.

  • Papier-Mâché

Though papier-mâché can be extremely messy, it’s fun for everyone involved, is a lot more hard-wearing then paper decorations and can be used year in, year out. You could even put the children into teams and give them something to create, for example Santa’s grotto or a polar bears igloo! Working in teams is a great way of building confidence within young children, and once they are complete they will work as fantastic decorations throughout the classroom.

Ensuring classrooms are decorated and as comfortable as possible for children is vital to a fun, working class. If you’d like to find out more information on decorating your classroom, or if you’re in need of some brand new school supplies, including chairs, tables and visual aids, we can help you. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0845 1700 222.

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