How to Encourage Learning through a Positive Outdoor Environment

A positive outdoor environment can support creativity; a must in a child’s early years and beyond.

How to Encourage Learning through a Positive Outdoor Environment

A positive outdoor environment can support creativity; a must in a child’s early years and beyond. Different learning environments other than the standard classroom should be used to help engage students in new and exciting ways. Thus, helping to build up their knowledge and upon existing ideas for future success.

Outdoor areas can play a key role in engagement with learning and a motivation to succeed. In fact, a positive outdoor environment is crucial to a child’s emotional and social development, as well as providing a whole new educational experience in terms of taking risks and overcoming challenges.

It goes without saying that all young children hold a passion for playing in and exploring their surroundings. Learning outdoors presents opportunities to children to take part in more independent and collaborative learning. Teachers can help children discover their surrounding environment, be at one with nature and immerse themselves in a sensory experience that they might not experience in a normal classroom setting.

Outdoor environments offer children a larger area for imaginative play such as role play, storytelling and curricular activities. Any play that is self-initiated by the child is key to their development – it involves making decisions about what they want to do, where they want to do it and who with.

Offering children a range of activities can greatly increase their motivation to succeed. Colourful play areas and outdoor equipment help to engage children from a young age and it can also impact both their concentration levels and their behaviour. Outdoor play equipment that engage children in both physical, mental, numeracy and problem solving skills, thus providing an active curriculum, even during play.

Providing the means for young children to play outdoors is a complex task, though it needn’t be. A variety of factors should be taken into account, including the play needs of the children, supervision, safety and ADA access. Outdoor play is part of being a child, which is why a variety of different outdoor play equipment can help to provide positive experiences for the children.

Here at The Essex Group, we offer a number of fantastic outdoor play equipment pieces that can help to engage children in both fun and learning. Children are encourage to learn through interactive play and this back to nature outdoor mat can help children to connect with their surroundings whilst learning about the cycle of life for different animals. Alternatively this outdoor alphabet mat can provide fun and excitement to children who are learning their ABC’s.

For more information on the outdoor equipment we have available, or for more information on any of the furniture over on our website, get in touch with the team by giving us a call on 0845 1700 222.  

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