10 Ways to Store Classroom Clutter

Teachers have the ability to organise homework, plan lessons and make sure students are learning more and more each day.

10 Ways to Store Classroom Clutter

A tidy classroom equals a tidy mind, so we’ve put together our tip ten tips for storing classroom clutter.


Folders are a great way of keeping multiple pieces of paper tucked away in one spot, meaning you won’t lose any important documents that are kept laying around your desks! Whether it’s registers, children’s work or reports, folders are a great way of keeping everything together and clutter free.

Filing Cabinets

Once we’ve got our selection of folders together, filing cabinets are then the perfect way to store these! Whether you’ve colour coordinated each drawer to make the folders easier to find or you’ve created your own system to keep clutter free, filing cabinets are a great way to do so, and can be neatly tucked away in the corner of the classroom, too!

Pen Pots

Children love pens, but they’re bound to go missing at any opportunity. Instead of keeping them in their initial packs, why not create some DIY pen pots? We’d suggest making them colour coordinated, so children are 100% aware of where to find the colours they need and where they need to end up afterwards!


Trays are a great way of keeping work sheets together in easier access then a filing cabinet. Trays that have been labelled mean things are easy to find and won’t get lost- not to mention there will be no clutter and organisation will be kept at its best! These 48 storage tray units are the perfect answer to your clutter woes!


Having children sit at their own desks are a great way of ensuring work is kept neatly and organised by each child. Children often enjoy having their own desks and having the ability to look after their own work, so it’s a great way of keeping worksheets tucked away and accessible. These traditional locker desks have been used for years- and we’d advise you do too!

Plastic Wallets

Though not necessarily an organisation tip, plastic wallets can really help with the quality of worksheets or registers that are tucked away in desks and filing cabinets. You can avoid rips and crumples with plastic wallets, meaning everything will be in perfect condition for months to come!


Boxes are a great way to store things like books, toys, clothes- anything you can imagine! They don’t have to be boring either, and can go with your classroom theme or be located in your play area. Again, we’d advise labelling your boxes so that things are easy to find, making them ideal to store classroom clutter.


Whether you’re looking for a bookshelf, somewhere to store work or somewhere to hold general clutter, shelves can do so whilst giving a classroom a pop of personality. We have a huge range of shelves available, including this freestanding boltless shelf unit- ideal for storing those boxes we mentioned above!


An obvious choice, cupboards are a great way of efficiently storing clutter. By sorting the shelves in the best ways possible, you’d be surprised by how much they can store! We have a huge range of different sized cupboards over on our website, and you can take a look here.


Instead of finding the space to store worksheets, display them proudly on your classroom walls. We understand the walls can’t hold as much work as we’d like, but it’s a great way of keeping the classroom colourful, giving the children a buzz and helping out on the clutter free journey.

Here at The Essex Group we have a huge range of educational, office and home furniture that can help you to clear your clutter! For more information, get in touch with a member of the team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 0845 1700 222.


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