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  1. Colour Frame Dining Table and Benches
  2. Gala Dining Sets
    Gala Dining Sets
    From £472.00
  3. Dining Room Seating Units
  4. Four Seater Dining Bench
  5. Convertible Mobile Bench Unit
  6. Cafe Bench Seating Low Table
  7. Otto Dining Table
    Otto Dining Table
    From £134.00
  8. Otto Low Bench
    Otto Low Bench
    From £96.50
  9. SICO Seating Systems Coloured Table Top
  10. Tilt Top Tables
    Tilt Top Tables
    From £182.00
  11. Premium Circular Tilt Top Tables
  12. SICO Table Systems With Special Laminate Top
  13. Economy Folding Table
  14. SICO Seating Systems
  15. Enviro Dining Tables
  16. Premier Folding Table - 915mm Long
  17. Cafe Bench Seating High Table
  18. Fast Fold Aluminium Tables & Benches
  19. Universal Folding Table - 1830mm Long
  20. Universal Folding Table - 1520mm Long
  21. Universal Folding Table - 1220mm Long
  22. Vantage Folding Tables - 1830mm Long
  23. Spice Side Chair
    Spice Side Chair
    From £45.00
  24. Vantage Folding Tables - 1520mm Long

43 products found

Your Canteen or Dining Room within a school is an important area to get Education Furniture just right. Canteen Tables and Chairs need to be functional, hardwearing and versatile. It also goes without saying that the better suited your Dining Room Tables and Chairs are to the job, the easier your School Day will be.

The Essex Group are here to help you choose the perfect mix of Canteen Furniture with plenty of options from the leading Education Brands. If you want an easy job finding Canteen Table and Chairs that match, then our Lunchtime Benches will be perfect for you. Featuring a sturdy Aluminium frame and folding completely flat for storage.

Worried about the inevitable spills and wear/tear in the Dining Room Space? Our Canteen Tables are Knock Proof, Damage Resistant and impervious to Water. We offer all in one heavy duty solutions for Canteen Tables and Chairs which will make setting up your Lunchtime Tables in a Primary School a breeze as generally the Dining Room is also multi functional and used for a wide range of activities such as P.E too.

Let’s talk specifically about Canteen Chairs for a moment. The Essex Group has Canteen chair options that ensure comfortable seating, simple designs with an ergonomic seat shape all designed to support a good posture at School. Listed in each product description are the guarantees on each of our chairs, many of them are manufactured in the UK and offer a 5 year guarantee! We understand how important it is for our products to last for years to come.

Just like the Canteen Tables there are plenty of finishes and colours available for each of our Canteen Furniture types, including a Black frame with 10 shell colours, so you can stick to a consistent School Furniture theme.

We offer a free Space Planning service for anyone looking to get a project completed, and have amazing testimonials showcasing our work creating stunning Canteen Spaces. Our design team are here to help and you can contact us using the details below.

Need further information about any of our Dining Room options? We offer all of the finer details within each product description but if you require any help then please contact our friendly Essex Group sales team on 0845 6460 774 or drop us an email where we are always pleased to have a chat!