Outdoor Sports Equipment

38 products found

  1. Hemisphere Stilts
    Hemisphere Stilts
    From £38.00
  2. Wippsider and Wippwalker
  3. Giant Balancing Board
  4. Tiger Feet
    Tiger Feet
    From £14.25
  5. Parachutes
    From £15.25
  6. Junior Parachute Resource Packs
  7. Floating Shapes
    Floating Shapes
    From £19.95
  8. Plaited Coloured Ropes
  9. High Vis Mesh Training Vests and Multi Use Bibs
  10. Nylon Cover Bean Filled Bean Bag
  11. Hoppers
    From £9.25
  12. Hoop Holdall
    Hoop Holdall
    From £12.95
  13. Flat Hoop
    Flat Hoop
    From £3.25
  14. Deluxe Hoop
    Deluxe Hoop
    From £17.95
  15. Team Jumping Sacks
  16. Central Playground Footballs
  17. Nike Pitch Team Training Footballs
  18. Mitre Impel max Football
  19. Dual Size Standard Mini Football Goals
  20. Central Football Fitness Kit - Junior Level
  21. Fast Track Cricket Ball
  22. Fast Track Mini Tees
  23. Aresson Rounders Set Senior Years
  24. Aresson Rounders Set Primary Years

38 products found

Our Outdoor Sports Equipment range is designed to get kids moving and build up their basic physical movement skills such as balance and coordination. This selection of products covers all of the bases for a well rounded fitness and P.E programme for early years students, you will also find products perfect for the Secondary School curriculum. These colourful and appealing products are great for playtime or more organised lessons.

Some of our smaller products are fantastic for sports days and events, we offer kits that have more than one activity included and a holdall to easily store the Sports Equipment away when not in use.

We offer lots of versatile Sports Equipment products such as parachutes which inspire many different activities for children, Football Fitness Kits including everything you need to get older children ready for playing a match and Balancing Boards which help children develop motoric function/balancing abilities.

All of our Outdoor Sports Equipment is hard wearing and easy to clean, as well as lots of our smaller products coming in bundles so you will get great value for money.

If price is important to you, then you will be pleased to know that we have Outdoor Sports Equipment options to suit all budgets. Be sure to check each product description for further information on each of our products and choose the products that are right for you. If you need any help deciding on the best option then please get in touch, our team are always happy to help! Please contact our Essex Group sales team on 0845 6460 774 or drop us an email